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Dutch Crow personalised precious metal guitar picks originated from a passion for music, particularly guitars.

What could be more beautiful than owning a “signature” guitar pick?
It’s possible!


“signature” guitar pick

Sure… it takes a bit of getting used to when you’re accustomed to playing with plastic guitar picks. The experience is entirely different when you use gold or silver.

As a guitar player, you’re searching for “THE SOUND” for your entire life. But still, in most cases you stay loyal to the way you play and your guitar pick. Even though guitars, amplifiers and other appliances are interchanged regularly.

It is easily forgotten, but the guitar pick is an essential part of the final sound and the character it embodies.

Our guitar picks aren’t only unique in their sound, but they’re also a “knickknack”.

  • They have a very good playability.
  • They have a distinct and defined sound.
  • They have an excellent grip.
  • And they’re just beautiful.

We can make a guitar pick with your own logo, image, and so on. The possibilities are “almost” endless.

A “signature” guitar pick within your reach!

The technique

Manufacturing method
3D-printed in polymer/wax and cast with lost/left over wax

Standard sizes
24 x 28 mm (different sizes are possible)

2,2 descending to 0,7 mm (different sizes are possible)

solid 0,925 grade silver or 0,585 gold (yellow, white or rose)

Made in Holland

Dutch Crow Collection

We create the guitar picks exclusively in solid silver (925 dz) or yellow, white or rose gold (585 dz).

  • The guitar picks have a more defined sound than plastic.
  • It’s also a piece of personalised “art”.
  • Dutch Crow guitar picks are 3D-printed, cast and hand-finished in Holland.

This way, every guitar pick has it’s own personal touch!

Balls 24x28 - silver
Base 24x28 - silver
Brugse kant 24x28 - silver
Chaos 24x28 - silver
Hum - 24x28 - silver
Personalized BdG 24x28 - silver
Personalized Bracke 24x28 - silver
Personalized Finger print 24x28 - silver
Personalized John 24x28 - silver
Personalized Zwier 24x28 - silver
Rock 24x28 - silver
Zeeuws 24x28 - silver
Zeeuws Vlak 24x28 - silver
Zeeuwse Knoop 24x28 - silver